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Climate Change Emergency

2 July 2019 - Crediton Town Council resolved to declare a Climate Change Emergency and to be a Carbon Neutral Town by 2030.
3 Sept 2019 - Crediton Town Council resolved to sign the Devon Climate Declaration and is committed to taking action to get Devon to net-zero carbon.
24 Sept 2019 - Crediton Town Council resolved to declare an Ecological Emergency.

David Ramsden Talk - Climate and Ecology Emergency, whats all the fuss about?

Climate Emergency Committee

The Council's Climate Change & Sustainability Sub-Committee (first established in July 2019) was making positive progress prior to the start of lockdown in 2020. Now that lockdown restrictions have started to ease, the decision was taken for Climate Change & Sustainability to be bought in under Full Council as a standalone committee and renamed Climate Emergency committee.

The Committee is made up of town council members and aims to focus on achieving low carbon/carbon neutral operations and sustainability through appropriate policies, reviewing the Town Council’s own practices in relation to Climate Change, investigating sustainable contractors, working with partners, community groups and organisations to support the improving of carbon credentials, providing services to support the community in reducing its carbon footprint and continuing to provide further information through the Town Council’s website and newsletters.

The Committee will be meeting on the second Thursday of every month. Committee agendas and minutes are available on the Climate Emergency Committee meetings page.

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