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Policies & Procedures

These documents regulate and assist the town council in dealing with business effectively and within the law. All town councillors are expected to be aware of them and to have a general understanding of the contents. The town council is guided in its actions by the Town Clerk and the Assistant Clerk who are able to advise on the detail of correct procedure.

Accessibility Statement
Absence Management Policy

Anti-fraud & Corruption Strategy

Bench Seat Policy

Biodiversity statement

Code of Conduct

Communications & Media Policy

Community Engagement Strategy

Complaints Procedure

Co-option Policy

Crime & Disorder Statement

Cyber Security Policy

Data Protection Privacy Policy 

Disciplinary Procedure

Discretions Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy

Financial Regulations

Freedom of Information - Model Publication Scheme

Grievance Procedure

Health & Safety Policy

Investment Strategy

Leadership in Planning Statement

Maternity, Adoption, Paternity & Parental Leave & Pay Policy

Motion Request Form

Meeting with Developers Protocol

Performance Management Statement

Privacy Notice (General)

Privacy Notice (Staff, Cllrs & Role Holders)

Procurement Policy
Public Participation Policy

Protocol on Member/Officer Relations

Safeguarding Policy

Scheme of Delegation

Social Media and Electronic Communication Policy

Standing Orders

Statement of Internal Control

Terms of Reference

Training & Development Policy - Councillors

Training & Development Policy - Staff

Tree Risk Management Policy

Website Accessibility Statement
Whistleblowing Policy & Procedure

Volunteers Policy

Value for Money Statement


Copies of these documents are also available in different formats such as large print, Braille, audio or in a different language, please contact the office if this is required.