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Neighbourhood Plan

We started work on this Neighbourhood Plan in 2013. We have consulted with the people of Crediton, official stakeholders and other relevant bodies to ensure everyone is happy with what we have produced. We have received feedback and comments from those involved and made many many changes over the years!

As the qualifying body, Crediton Town Council formally submitted the Crediton Neighbourhood Plan to Mid Devon District Council as required by the Neighbourhood Plan regulations. The submission materials were reviewed and checked to ensure regulatory compliance and enabled the plan to proceed to the Regulation 16 Publicity Period. This ended on 14 January 2022. 

Following this period, Mid Devon District Council in co-operation with Crediton Town Council, appointed Barbara Maksymiw as the independent Examiner to carry out the examination of the plan. The Neighbourhood Plan was submitted to the appointed examiner, along with supporting documents and representations received during the publicity period.

Following the independent examination of the Crediton Neighbourhood Plan, Mid Devon District Council has determined that the plan, as modified to incorporate the Examiner’s recommendations, should proceed to a Referendum.

 In accordance with Neighbourhood Planning regulations, the Referendum will ask voters within the neighbourhood plan area (Crediton Parish) the following question:

“Do you want Mid Devon District Council to use the neighbourhood plan for Crediton to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?”

If more than 50% of voters were in favour of the plan, Mid Devon District Council must have brought it into force. This means that the Crediton Neighbourhood Plan has become part of the statutory development plan for the area.

The Referendum took place on Thursday 22 September and the result was -
719 in favour (88%)
94 against (12%)
13% turnout

Further details and all required specific documents relating to the Crediton Neighbourhood Plan can be viewed below:

- Crediton Neighbourhood Plan
- Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Statement
- Independent Examiner Report
- Stakeholder Representations to Independent Examiner
- Community Consultation information to Independent Examiner
- Statement that Crediton Neighbourhood Plan meets basic conditions
- General Information Statement (for voters)

For further information on the process, please see the Mid Devon District Council website.